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Final Prototype

Project Overview

Hero's Legacy is an original game concept I created as part of my Visual Design coursework at the University of Maryland. The deliverables of the course were mostly open to interpretation; we were tasked with creating branding/promotional material and design concepts for an original project. After completing my work on a Chrono Trigger visual re-design, I decided I wanted to experiment with creating more game menu UI, but this time with an original game concept that had no previous material to work off of. 

Quick game summary for context: I conceptualized Hero's Legacy  as a turn-based mystery dungeon rpg in which the player helps re-build a town recovering from war with a neighboring country, while also uncovering the hidden history of a fallen kingdom. It would have life-sim features in the style of Fantasy Life and dungeons with turn-based battle gameplay similar to most classic mystery dungeon games (think the Shiren the Wanderer and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series). 

My final deliverables for this project were the Main Menu UI of the game, the Dungeon Menu UI that would be used when fighting, and the HUD that would appear in Dungeons. I also created some mockups of game screenshots, and original art for game characters and enemies.

Illustration852 3.PNG
4 Months
UI Concept and Design
Game Concept Design
Visual Design
Character Art
Nintendo Switch
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